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Originally Posted by skylyleon
i wish i could do ultimate ruins runs but i'm not strong enough to go through the whole to ruin 2 though but yeah...
but that's great.......

forgot to say i found a INVISIBLE BARRIER and 2 god units in that run.
did some piping (pouilly slimes)
if Mini Bert is trying to get the lavis cannon and still haven't found then i'm DOOMED
altought the weapon i'm trying is different, the criature is the same, the only problem is that it is 2x rarer(the criature), the item is more then 4x rarer and that i can't do quests because in quests rares do not drop in my version......... (i wanted a smilie with more tears)

did hard f/c/m, found a Parasitic wear: De Rol 0 slots