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Originally Posted by Little Killer
OH BOY! My android is lv 90, and when I fought the De Rol Lie (tood at least 15 to 20 minutes) I was killed since I ran out of recovery items That was when he was lv 86 I think. Now I tread cautious through the forest, and I rarely go in the cave (The Vulmers suck ass!). Speaking of which, what level is recomended in the cave?
well that depends, what class is he? HU or RA? i went to the caves at lvl 80 with my ranger, he got to like 82, then i got killed by that stupid De Rol Lie, i ran out of dimate, trimate, monomate, difluid, trifluid, and wasted 3 scape dolls =( im gonna go back there when im lvl 90, then if i fail again ill go back at 95, lvling at the forest isnt that bad, but the stupid bloody arts are i have gotten so many i just give em away to my sis and her friend
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